Administrative Executive and HR Manager

We are seeking a talented and experienced Administrative Executive to join our team. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day administrative functions of the company, the Administrative Executive will also be responsible for managing the recruitment process, including sourcing and screening candidates, conducting interviews, and making hiring decisions.

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Social Media Manager

We are looking for a Content Strategist to join our Content and Marketing Team. You will be responsible for quality content creation. We need a super-efficient content strategist to create business marketing material that can be used for our promotional campaigns.

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Web Designer (Front End)

We are looking for a Web Designer who will be responsible for creating great websites for our clients. Primary duties include conceptualizing and implementing creative ideas for client websites, as well as creating visual elements that are in line with our client’s branding. You will work closely with our web development team to ensure proper and hassle-free implementation.

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